Jármű Zrt. has been manufacturing parts for railway coaches and buses for over a century (since 1916).

Our product palette includes luggage storage with lights and occupation signal, decorative suitcase racks and partition walls, which are all manufactured at the factory of Jármű Zrt. The Hungarian public can primarily see the products of Jármű Zrt. on the Railjet trains, while around Europe they can be found on the high speed Inter City Express and ICX trains and the suburban two-storey coaches (called Do 2010) in Germany, on the SBB Tw- index two -storey coaches in Switzerland, and on the Thameslink, SWT and Moorgate vehicles in Britain.

Our company’s window production technology covers a wide spectrum of doors and window used at railway- bus- tram- and subway coaches.

Furthermore, our company’s expansive division is the department for individual and central movement technology for doors and windows, digital control and development and assembly of electronic devices.

Continuous innovation: Our new manufacturing unit opened in October 2010 in Tiszavasvári, built in the framework of a project, which won a non-refundable investment-development state incentive. In 2014 the factory was further expanded, and in 2017 we opened our fourth production hall.

Our motto is simple: quality on time.